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Ahh!! How much I adore sunsets on the hills ❤

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48 hours in Venice, Italy.

Reading time: 3 minutes Ever since I can remember, we have had a huge painting of Venice in our living room- a water canal between buildings, a bridge above and a gondola parked along the side. I always wanted to visit this part of Italy someday.🛶 I jetted to Venice right before the pandemic had… Continue reading 48 hours in Venice, Italy.

Small Talk!

We are often in situations that need polite, ice-breaker conversations, which we popularly call “Small talk”. It is building a bridge between you and the other person- it’s about starting to talk. Some common topics may be books, weather, travel, food, sports and hobbies.

Trek to the Kedarkantha Summit⛰

More than just the extravagant beauty, there is something humbling about the mountains.  This is about my experience of climbing the Kedarkantha Summit in the December of 2021. It is a majestic peak in Uttarakhand at the elevation of 12500 feet- one of the most popular snow treks in India. When going on snow treks,… Continue reading Trek to the Kedarkantha Summit⛰

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