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Ahh!! How much I adore sunsets on the hills ❤

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Is Soul Recognition real!?

Hey people! A very happy New year to you all! ❤️ I just started reading “Only Love Is Real” by Dr. Brian Weiss. The very first few pages in the book and he talks about SOUL RECOGNITION! And I quote, “He may not recognize you, even though you have finally met again, even though you…

It’s Pouring! 🙂

It is pouring in Delhi finally! After bearing the intense heat for days, finally able to feel the cold breeze sweeping past my face. Ahh! What a feeling. Some calming songs, open window, watching the greens appear greener and work from home- hahahah- no excuse to not work. But at least now I get to…

Signature style at the place of work!

A happy Humpday to all of you working! 😀 Was reading a few articles this morning, when I came across the concept of developing a signature style at the place of work. I found it interesting and hence worthy of sharing with all of you. Work-life can be humdrum most of the times. To regenerate…

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