How I got here!

My usual workstation!

“Do you ever get a burst of motivation to clean your room, read a book or turn your life around at 2 A.M.?” 

Well, I did.  

On one sleepless night, (mostly to stop the endless loop of “baby shark do do do do” playing in my brain) I found myself reading a novel till the crack of dawn. 

The protagonist had quit her corporate job to follow her passion of pottery and wrote short pieces about her daily life, interacting with her small and sweet audience. 

Reading her story, something clicked and here I am starting something new whilst waiting for my own corporate career to kickstart. 

Generally in life, I love public speaking, you will always find me regaling my priyejans with my stories. But I was never an articulate writer (though quite self sufficient for all my assignments) and still, I’m no Arundhati Roy, yet now I’m all set to gain some fresh perspective interacting with my ‘small and sweet audience’ ;p

Here’s hoping this will help me channelize my inner dog that loves to think. 

P.s. I will try to post every Saturday!

I look forward to you guys tagging along in my journey, and sharing your views so we all grow together. 


6 thoughts on “How I got here!”

  1. From the picture of that workstation setup to reading your very first blog, I could listen you speaking the text with the whole new excitement and I am gonna tag along for sure, cuz it’s going to be so worth it!! ❤️❤️❤️

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