By Oprah Winfrey

Recently in one of her Instagram stories, Tahira Kashyap Khuranna mentioned how she finished an entire book in a day; I was fascinated to read it and so bought “What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey” on her recommendation! 

(Tmi- my first ever hard cover purchase 😛 ) 

Oprah takes us along in this roller coaster of her life where we experience myriad of emotions. 

The book covers it all- friends, gossip, negativity, abuse, advices, routine, rules, teachings and learnings, food, moments and everything else that is a part one’s life! 👀

Wow”- this is me, amazed every time I read any part of the book. It is for sure a vibe!☀️

The writing is so engaging and pleasing, that every time I reread it, I KNOW FOR SURE that I am absorbing something fresh. 

It has been divided in various segments.

The ones that caught my attention the most were Joy and Gratitude!

We should realise, life is ultimately about finding joy; whether you get it in your ‘shaam ki kadak chai’☕️(that energises you psychologically more than physically) or in a ‘long bubble bath’ 🛁 post a trip or through laughing over ‘jethalal and his gokuldham parivar’😂. It may be in feeding your street dogs and their cute puppies 🐶or may be in drooling over ‘dilli ke chole bhature with lassi’ 🥛on a Sunday Morning!
I am the happiest treating myself with my favourite cheesecakes!🍰

It’s your life – make it joyous and large ofcourse! 

My mini takeaways:

-It made me aware of all the little things that I am taking for granted; which others do not even have access to. 

I now feel grateful for having the freedom to plan my day and not be instructed by a master!

-I felt empowered!

“When you nurture yourself you will have more nurturing to give to the people who need you!”

The writing felt like a guide to empower people, specially women, and a reminder to unlearn the basic notion of making sacrifices. 

I can relate to it— even in my house, if ever a chapati gets overcooked, my mother keeps it back for herself to serve the rest of the family perfect food.

Every cloud has a silver lining but it is difficult to find?

I was stunned to read that the Oprah could find a bright side even to her shady sexual assault experience.

This made me pen down the silver lining in the bummers of my life, that I otherwise find ardous to get over, and surprisingly, it felt good!

Gratitude List ❤
Can have the most basic things ❤

-It is so important 

•to know our worth and acknowledge it before expecting others to do so. 

•to know the fact that we are complete, we shouldn’t need the love of other people to make us feel full! 

If you really ever want to just read a single book in your lifetime, this can be your choice!

There is definitely something positive you take away for yourself!

Happy Reading 📚
Love ❤

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5 thoughts on “2 | WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE”

  1. Feels like I want to do all those 15 things and feel at peace💙
    Well I found my corner in this too..manali Vali kulhad ki chai☕..cheers🤭🥂
    Your reading habits have inspired me to read my pending books and cross out reading books from the list of those 15!
    Keep sharing love, my lazy soul needs it😂❤️

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