Monsoon is a feeling!!

While I write this one sitting comfortably in my balcony chair, it’s raining cats and dogs outside.
Monsoon – such a pleasant weather, isn’t it?😍✨

My little house plants seem happy, swaying and bending with the wind in their lush green glory.🌱
And I kind of get it… the feeling of cool breeze in my hair, rain drizzling against my face, and not to forget, the oh-so-wonderful scent of wet mud – how could one feel anything but bliss?
It is an absolutely soothing and calming setting for the soul.🧘🏻‍♀️

I spot little children hopping around, sailing colourful hand-made paper boats in puddles of water.
Watching them gives me joy, because I think kids of this decade are more interested to play with their Hamleys’ toys.
But isn’t making paper boats such a fun thing to do!?🤔

P.s. I am now forcing my mind to recall “How to make a paper boat?”🤦🏻‍♀️😂

All of us have our own reasons to love this season,
~Some love it for the food ☕️
(chai and pakora- the unbeatable combination on a rainy day): guilt free eating- courtesy of the weather.

~Others love dancing in the rain☔️
(but it is nowhere close to looking as fancy and romantic as Bollywood makes dancing in the rain look.)

~And Travelling!!!✈️
While it may seem like a major struggle planning a trip in this weather, the rainy season brings along experiences that cannot be found during any other time of the year.
My favourite are the waterfalls in India that are in full flow.😍
I visited Kerela in the monsoon season, believe me the waterfalls were the best thing; you can spend hours staring at the gushing milky white waters.

This season indeed brings joy to a lot of birds (the peacocks dancing is a sight), plants and trees, the farmers, but to be honest, I enjoy this weather only if I don’t have to face the rains; I just like watching it from a distance, hahaha.

Well as a child I did enjoy rains but now they seem more of a hassle to me.
Gloomy days, frizzy hair, extreme traffic, cancelled plans, muddy shoes, clothes taking forever to dry, and the sudden season long attack of mosquitoes. And to top it all, humidity.🤐

What really makes this weather tolerable for me are the clear colourful skies, the immensely beautiful sunsets, the extravagant setting of the clouds. I love that view.🥰

How you feel about the monsoons? Do you enjoy them totally or have mixed feelings like me?
Tell me in the comments below.

Love ❤

6 thoughts on “Monsoon is a feeling!!”

  1. I would prefer getting wet in rain only when I know I have to wash my hair 😂
    And ofc, the prettiest skies are the monsoon skies when clouds resort to remind you of your chilhood cartoons (like dragons tails🐉)
    I feel monsoons are way of clouds telling the earth, hey! I miss you 🤗


    1. hahahahah!!!!!
      Yes everybody has their own interpretation of this season and the skies… that is the beauty ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. I to love rains but only on weekends when there is no work and I can chill. Reading this gave me the perfect vibe for that ❤️


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