2| DIY: Bottle Craft

I am guessing we all have an assortment of unique glass bottles at our places– bottles of olive oil, ketchup, beer, wine, shakes, sauces, etc.
Instead of reusing these as containers or just simply throwing them away, why don’t we try and put them to a different use this time?💁🏻‍♀️

I’ve done this a couple times now and turns out, revamping glass bottles is one, a lot of fun! and two, a simple yet effective way to add beauty to any space.✨

So let us jump straight into it.


1. Glass Bottles

The first step would be to remove the stickers over the glass bottles, which can take a while.

Below is the video I used for reference.

What worked best for me was heating the sticker with a candle and scraping it off using a knife.🕯🔪
But then it totally depends on how strong the adhesive is. You can try and see what works best for your bottle.

2. Others

PS: You need to get rid of any residual glue from the surface of the bottle. Once the bottle is clean, leave it until it is completely dry.

Now that your supplies are handy, the next step would be to paint the bottle.👩‍🎨👨🏻‍🎨

There are a few different methods that can be used:

Method 1: Brushes + Acrylic Paints
You can use acrylic paints to customise your glass bottle and paint the most extravagant designs as per your choice.
Just keep in mind, you need to let the paint dry completely before applying the next coat.

Method 2: Sponge
You’ll be able to create beautiful ombre designs using a sponge!
In my opinion, it is a more convenient technique and helps give that dramatic effect. But if you are looking for a sleek and plain finish, this might not be the right method.

from left to right:
bottle 1- using a brush and sponge
bottle 2- using spray paint
bottle 3- using spray paint
bottle 4- using a sponge

Method 3: Spray Paints
(worked the best for me)
If you are willing to purchase spray paints, I would suggest you go for this method.

Spray paint the bottle from a little distance, in a to and fro movement to avoid any patches.
Not only is the finish unmatchable, it also saves your time. The bottle will be ready in the blink of an eye.

WARNING: Be patient and let the painted bottles dry for 24 hours straight before you can use them. Impatience can lead to UTTER DESTRUCTION.⚠️

After the bottle has dried up completely you can design in any additional way if you want.
I added colourful circles on this plain white bottle sitting on the corner of my study.🎨

Use them to store your fav fresh 🌸 💐, add your money plants in them and they are sure to replace other planters/vases!!

Happy Crafting ❤️

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8 thoughts on “2| DIY: Bottle Craft”

  1. You are a pure artist man! Research bhi krte ho, cook bhi krte ho, guide bhi krte ho, paint bhi krte ho, writing pr toh fida hum hai hi!! (Baki qualities hum aage ke blogs mein btaenge🤭❤️)
    P.S- This blogger is a complete package!😍❤️
    Also I so want one such bottle, kb bhej rhi hai mujhe phir?

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