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Well, the festive season is here- in full swing! I simply love these last months of the year- full of colours, celebrations, culture, people, unity, diversity, basically the extravagant aspect of INDIA. 🌈🧨🎊🎉🎁
Of all festivals, Diwali is closest to my heart; love decorating the house!😍

Today what I am sharing with you is a DIY decoration, to get your house ready for this Diwali. This one in particular, I was taught by one of my Art teachers back in school, and still love it! Remade it for this season and blogged the process!

Prep Time: 20-30 mins⏱


What do you need?

  • 2 wooden sticks– each around 20cm length.
  • A Moli (thread) roll- This time I used this colourful one, it displays the layers beautifully! You can also use the plain red coloured Moli.
  • Quick Fix– Glue
  • Ganesha Idol – around 10cm in height (smaller would work well too; but make sure to select a colourful one!)


STEP 1: Take the two sticks and hold it as shown above (making a plus sign- centrally placed).
STEP 2: Use the Moli (thread) to fasten the two sticks together tightly.

STEP 3: Once you think the sticks are tightly fastened, use the thread to cover any visible brown area in the centre (in no specific way).
Do not worry about the neatness of the centre- this part will not be visible anyway!🤪

STEP 4: Now, it is important to follow this specific way of using the thread. From the left side of a stick, roll the thread over to the right side of the adjacent stick (as shown in the image above).
STEP 5: Roll the thread from the right side to the left side from below.
STEP 6: Following the same process,
STEP 7: Roll the thread to the adjacent stick from above.
STEP 8: And again, roll it from below the stick!
Continuing the same process….
Somewhere midway, this is how it is going to look!👀
And finally, after the entire brown area gets covered, this is the look!
Tie the thread with the stick in the end. (once you think the entire area is covered)
We are going to use this side as the front.✨

Used Quick Fix to attach the little Ganpati idol.
This is where you will need your patience. Once you fix it, leave it for exactly two days to dry in some untouched place.

TADAA! This is how it finally looks!💫
I always attach it to the main door of the house! And it looks stunning!

Do try it. It is a lot simple than it might look. Literally takes just 20- 30 minutes of your time!
And if you make it, I would love to see your versions too!
A Happy Diwali in advance!🥳

Happy Crafting!
Love ❤

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  1. The artwork that defines the ‘Kukreja’s gate’ is back!😂❤️
    This helps to reach the right house when you forget the house no🤭

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