Triveni Terrace Cafe

I’m sure all of us have been to immense number of cafes and restraunts all across Delhi, but believe me when I tell you Triveni Terrace Cafe is the most vibrant cafe there is out there.

Located right inside Triveni auditorium, Mandi House, it is a small cosy place🥰. You get to choose between modern- vintage interiors and lush- green exteriors to enjoy your food.
If you ask me, I will always choose to be outdoors over indoors – and why not, when you can get a table overlooking the amphitheatre. Not to mention, it is a win- win situation on a cool breezy day.🤩

You can spot all different types of people there, professional artists, college students, young explorers and enthusiasts, and it feels amazing.🥳

However, I think you will always have to wait for a table there (although I don’t mind waiting in that vibe, on those stairs on such a pleasant day). But, the food that you get to have is worth it.
The cafe’s extremely delectable Indian chaat and thalis at such a minimal cost is sure to make your day livelier.
I tried the Palak Patta chaat, aloo Tikki, the fudge brownie and definitely recommend these- the meals were really wholesome and appetising.

Didn’t click any pictures of the food though, was too busy eating (pulled some off the internet👆🏻…. hahaha).
Also, I’ve heard a lot about their Ragi Idli and Sabudana Khichdi- they would be worth trying too.

The cherry on the cake- I saw the most beautiful sunset on my way back home, just added to the beauty of my day!🥺😍


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