This Saturday evening was devoted to treating myself with Watermelon 🍉 (I think it is officially summertime in Delhi💃🏻), and discussing over fruits and vegetables with my house help. I now know that potatoes are called Bilatia in some part of India, and that she doesn’t like Delhi’s Sarso ka Tel (Mustard Oil); it makes her eyes burn. “They sell adulterated oil here, unlike the one we get in our village.”, she said.

POV: If watermelon was a mood- It would be all lively🎉😄. no?

And soon after, she walked me through her life and experience living in the city versus the village.

“Didi, It is better here, ‘Kamao our Khaao‘, Earn and eat. I like spending my day working, talking to people around; it never gets lonely here.
There is too much to take care of when I am back in the village. Our basic source of income is through Farming. But now with these regular price hikes, farming doesn’t come easy. Everything is too expensive. The raw materials come in thousands, and you need ready cash for all that. We somehow try to earn here and manage to carry back half our earnings. But being a huge family we end up utilising nearly the entire produce ourselves. And you do not even know how much goes into rearing a goat. Then even after all this effort, we hardly earn anything.”

Some may want to give up their fast paced life, ditch the crowd, to live amidst the open fields and fresh air; while to others this might not be a concern.
Maybe It is about what you choose over others. Maybe you can’t really get it all.

Coming to think of it, nothing comes easy.

Have a great week ahead. ❤

The JOY of Reading!

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It’s Pouring! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “CITY V/S VILLAGE?”

    1. Oh Absolutely!! To top it, I think we just need to be prepared to make the most of those favourable times…
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!❤️


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