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48 hours in Venice, Italy.

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Ever since I can remember, we have had a huge painting of Venice in our living room- a water canal between buildings, a bridge above and a gondola parked along the side. I always wanted to visit this part of Italy someday.🛶

I jetted to Venice right before the pandemic had taken over the world, quite in time, literally!!!

The architecture and the grandeur of the city is all heart. People love to call it ‘a living museum’ and I couldn’t agree more. In the evening, with the city all lit up, I truly felt as if I was inside the painting.❤️

Let me take you to a virtual tour around the city- some must visit places and experiences.
48 hours in Venice!!!!

  1. The Gondola ride

The greatest tourist attraction of Venice has to be a Gondola ride. Since the city lives on water and there are no cars; Gondolas/ Speed boats are the only means of transportation available.
Its appearance and design has evolved and changed over the years, but it still remains a symbol of history, tradition and romance in the city.
We took a ride to the Grand Canal at the time of Sunset, it was magical! You may even opt for a quieter ride in the side canals, and take a better look at the city.
Even though the Gondola ride might seem an expensive affair, but it is worth it. 😉

2. The little alleys
The little alleys all around the city have a charm of their own. There is nothing like walking around in Venice- getting lost in the streets, walking by luxury stores, observing the surroundings, grabbing fresh pizza on the go. We visited the city at the time of the Venice Carnival– walking around that time was so much more fun, it was grand, colourful and so happening. It was a costume theme party all day long.

3. Early mornings in Venice
This is the best time to watch the city come alive. Absolutely stunning views and peaceful surroundings. The lights add so much to its beauty.😍
You can also take a Gondola ride to the Grand Canal early in the morning- not too busy but surely beautiful.

4. Islands in Venice
Murano, Burano and Torcello are three islands of Venice that are famous for their invaluable archaeological heritage, the glass making factory, some beautiful coloured houses, and grand/ ancient Cathedrals. You can easily cover all three of them on half a day trip.

beautiful pastel coloured houses in Burano!

5. The Floating Bookstore
Acqua Alta is a famous bookstore where you get to see the charm of Venice among the shelves of books. Infact it is the perfect Instagrammable spot too! You will be welcomed by a beloved, furry resident- usually spotted resting on some elusive, historic book. 🐈

6. Other famous spots
Venice has some historically relevant monuments, cathedrals and famous spots, that shouldn’t be skipped. The Rialto bridge, Great Canal, the Doge’s Palace, and the Saint Mark’s Basilica are the prime tourist spots.

PS.- People may warn you of the food in Venice, but honestly I have nothing to complain about.

That was my version of a quick tour to Venice. Hope you enjoyed it!
Much Love. ❤

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