It’s Pouring! :)

It is pouring in Delhi finally! After bearing the intense heat for days, finally able to feel the cold breeze sweeping past my face. Ahh! What a feeling.

Some calming songs, open window, watching the greens appear greener and work from home- hahahah- no excuse to not work. But at least now I get to work with a vibe.

Howz your day going?
Happy Friday btw- weekend kinda started early this time. 😛

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Signature style at the place of work!

A happy Humpday to all of you working! 😀

Was reading a few articles this morning, when I came across the concept of developing a signature style at the place of work.

I found it interesting and hence worthy of sharing with all of you.

Work-life can be humdrum most of the times. To regenerate that SPIRIT in working, we need to add a “Signature style at our places of work”- basically something that differentiates us from the other people doing the same thing.

Some very interesting examples I came through (shared by Barbara Glanz, a professional speaker);

One of the supermarket employees, Johnny- wanted to apply his sense of style while billing for his customers each day (to add joy and positivity). So, he would print the “thought of the day” on little cards, sign them with his name, and put one in each as he would bag the customers their groceries. A month later, there was a huge line at his counter! People wanted to billed by Johnny so they could get the thought of the day. They all loved it! Even other staff members begun doing their bit. 

The staff was having fun, the customers were having fun, ultimately greatly uplifting the SPIRIT of the workplace.

One of the senior managers had a personal style to attach a soft tissue with the memo he knew his staff won’t like very much. I find it funny and thoughtful at the same time. 

One of the pilots of the United Airlines would select random passengers on board and write them ‘thank you’ notes for flying with them.

Isn’t it all so warm and thoughtful. I am so motivated to develop a personal style of my own too!!


Have a great rest of the week.🎈

You got this! ❤️

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48 hours in Venice, Italy.

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Ever since I can remember, we have had a huge painting of Venice in our living room- a water canal between buildings, a bridge above and a gondola parked along the side. I always wanted to visit this part of Italy someday.🛶

I jetted to Venice right before the pandemic had taken over the world, quite in time, literally!!!

The architecture and the grandeur of the city is all heart. People love to call it ‘a living museum’ and I couldn’t agree more. In the evening, with the city all lit up, I truly felt as if I was inside the painting.❤️

Let me take you to a virtual tour around the city- some must visit places and experiences.
48 hours in Venice!!!!

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Trek to the Kedarkantha Summit⛰

More than just the extravagant beauty, there is something humbling about the mountains. 

This is about my experience of climbing the Kedarkantha Summit in the December of 2021. It is a majestic peak in Uttarakhand at the elevation of 12500 feet- one of the most popular snow treks in India.

When going on snow treks, it is best to equip yourselves- snow boots, gaiters, caps, gloves, warmest clothes and more layers of clothes🥶. I am a person who would feel the coldest in a room- you know the “cold hands and warm heart” type🤣😌, so thinking about a snow trek was a big challenge, and now to have completed it is feels like a bigger achievement.😎

December is the prime time, so, not gonna lie, it was crowded. But, the bright side, I met so many new people from all over India.
Precisely- New People, Good energy and Great Adventures.

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Happy Sunday!

Breezy Auto rides!

Hello Spring, or should I say Summers (really hot in Delhi🥵)?!

I spent yesterday, running errands around the city, and I also completed 10,000 steps (little goals), BOOM!💥

Weekends are usually with friends, family or people around. But it is amazing to sometimes take a stroll around the city on your own. It is fun. I love observing people around me. It is liberating too.
Basically I love my company.❤️
You will definitely have some incidents to bring back home- funny, strange or surprising- can’t say.😂

All of you should do this often too. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Have an amazing Sunday! 💜💛



“Becoming the best version, requires you to continuously edit your beliefs and to upgrade and expand your identity.”

This line sticked around and led me to think about the upgrades my system needed. Execution is of course a gradual process.

  • One right way of living life: Let us get this sooner, there is no right way of living life. It unfolds differently for each one. Whatever best suits us is the most appropriate way.
  • Aim for perfection: We always want to be the best at what we do and achieve it all. This is of course not the wrong thing to aim at, but I believe the key to master a habit/ task is to start with repetition, not perfection. Progression matters more than perfection.
  • Always be happy: Who wouldn’t love to be happy all the time, but it can not be the case. Emotions flow in as per situations, so acceptance is the key.
  • I am not enough: We are often intimidated and relentlessly compare ourselves to other people, and how greatly they perform a task.  But it is all about training our minds, it accepts what you give it.
    Repeat each day, “I am confident and enough.”
  • Have a clear career plan: A part of adulting involves us to evolve as humans, eventually our interests and
    passions change, hence we may not be able to stick to our original plans. This is a part of growing up. It is absolutely normal to discover continuously and act accordingly.

Being an adult is super awesome in so many ways, but it definitely has its set of challenges. I am loving how things are turning out though.

You know how it is always said, if you know what you want to do, half your problem is already solved.

Have a good day everyone! ❤


“Laila just crossed”

It is all about spotting tigers in Ranthambore🐅- and all I prayed for was that at least one of the expected 87 tigers of the park will come give me a glimpse.

Today is about my experience of the Ranthambore National Park and Tiger Reserve.

My first jeep safari, early in the morning, was in Zone 8 (Zone 8/9/10 are comparatively newer zones, which were opened up to attend to the increasing tourists.). Early morning is the best time for animal spotting, you usually find them around lakes having water.  

Though it is true that, the chances of sighting totally depend on your luck, but probability plays its role for sure. The locals told us that Zone 8 has less probability (compared to 1-5), so, we were almost hopeless of spotting any animals that day.

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Parks; well they bring back so many fond memories from childhood- swings🌳, karate sessions🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻, flowers🌺, & the mosquitoes 🦟 (not to forget😢). And today, parks seem like a good place to burn those extra calories, or maybe just relax and take that fresh and brisk air in.

Here are a few observations that I made the past couple of months (when I actually had a routine 🤦🏻‍♀️), which I believe are highly relatable, real and maybe funny too.

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Scuba diving in Maldives🌊

As I write this, I am on my flight back home from the most picturesque destination of the season-Maldives.🇲🇻

I can’t help but use this extra time to recall the entire getaway.
While each trip is special in its own way, this one is indelible because of the crazy experiences I had.😍
I scuba dived for the first time, and as they say, firsts are always special.❤️

It was a Sunday morning, the Indian Ocean was dazzling and looked glistening blue🌊. The water wasn’t too aggressive and the sun shined at its brightest☀️.
It was 10 in the morning and we proceeded to the diving centre, filled up some forms and health declarations and it was finally time to roll.🔖

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Storytime with Dada- Partition 1947

A very happy Independence Day to all of you!🇮🇳
Today, it has been exactly 75 years we got freedom from the colonial rule of the British.

Well, what better day to take you through the days of the India- Pakistan Partition!😃☀️

In August of 1947 while the British Raj finally came to an end and gave rise to an Independent India, instead of TRIUMPH, our country faced what can only be described as one of the bloodiest disruption in human history. ☄️

It is the history of pain, separation, loss and despair. 

“We are independent now, they said, but what good is it when you have to leave everything behind!?” 

My grandfather (DADA) narrates to me his encounter of the India-Pakistan Partition, some of his memories still vivid and stark.📝

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