“Laila just crossed”

It is all about spotting tigers in RanthamborešŸ…- and all I prayed for was that at least one of the expected 87 tigers of the park will come give me a glimpse.

Today is about my experience of the Ranthambore National Park and Tiger Reserve.

My first jeep safari, early in the morning, was in Zone 8 (Zone 8/9/10 are comparatively newer zones, which were opened up to attend to the increasing tourists.). Early morning is the best time for animal spotting, you usually find them around lakes having water.  

Though it is true that, the chances of sighting totally depend on your luck, but probability plays its role for sure. The locals told us that Zone 8 has less probability (compared to 1-5), so, we were almost hopeless of spotting any animals that day.

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