1| DIY: Notebook from scratch!

*Without any stitching

From my DIY notebook collection 🙂 Used Soft cardboards for the Cover!

I’ve always been that person who loves to collect and store “sajane ka samaan” 😂 — stones, shells, flowers, jars, glass bottles, even the fancy bakery boxes! 😛
You name it, I probably have it!

Infact I have a huge cupboard specially reserved for all my beautiful supplies!
Over the years I have also developed the habit of storing unused pages in my clear bags! (my contribution to going green 😉 )

Do you all also like collecting items and reusing them later?

My love for DIY goes far back. ❤️
Even back in school, I would ask Papa to attach spare pages to form a notebook using his ‘larger than life’ office stapler, or would get Mammi to stitch the pages together.

But both these methods left no page margins; which was a major setback for me!

I eventually tried the Glue Stick method (the one I am sharing today) which, in my opinion, is a big hit! ✨ (3 of my notebooks running successfully ✌🏻)

Well, this is a prime example of AATM NIRBHAR BHARAT! 😛

Prep Time (for the notebook): 40-50 minutes
P.S.- You can use as much time as you want to make it look aesthetically pleasing! 🙂
Let me take you through the simple step by step procedure:


Use 20 (or more) A4 size plain white sheets.
(This is where you can reuse old pages)


Cut the sheets into two equal halves!
I made a small sized notebook, you can skip this step if you want an A4 size one.


Make a cover for the notebook.

You may go for a thick, coloured sheet or soft cardboards, as per your choice.
Cut it according to the size of your pages, leaving some extra space on all sides (we can always chop this off at later stages)

I wanted to draw, paint and decorate the cover, so I chose a thick white sheet, almost like a photo paper, easily available on stationary shops.

Can you spot the problem here?
Didn’t leave the extra space on the sides! 😦 Also, with time the soft cardboard may begin to crack.


Use a glue gun, to secure the sheets together from just one side.
I made a horizontal diary so used the glue along the breadth!

TIP: The glue dries up quickly so you need to be quick with this one!


Keep the cover sheet handy.
Using the glue gun, affix the pages and the cover, together.

You will get a proper notebook with all the pages secure.


P.s.- Before decorating, chop off the cover to the right size.

Let your creativity run wild.
Paint/ decorate the canvas as you need!🔅

Tadaa! Beautiful, okay? ❤


This can also be an amazing personalised present for your dears ❤

For the purpose of packing, you may use, either:
A soft brown paper, or,
A handmade sheet (like I used), or even,
A butter paper

Wrap it with any of the above, use a thick thread, a rope or leftover wool, to fasten the package.

Enhance its look, with a personalised message, some artificial flowers and you are good to go!

Happy Crafting