By now you would know I am a Sindhi (if you don’t, click here to check out my last blog post on the story of the India- Pakistan Partition 1947)

Let me help you know little bit more about our culture!

~ Starting off
“India’s very name comes from the Indus River which is the English way of pronouncing the Sindhu river.
India, Indus, Sindhu are all the same!
The Persians and Mughals converted the word Sindhu to Hindu.
The Greeks converted that to Indos.
So from Sindh and Sindhis we get Hindus, Hindustan, Hindi, India and Indian.”

~ Our Surnames
As a Sindhi, can you guess what I hear most often?
“Oh! You are Kukreja and still a Sindhi?!!”

Most people spot Sindhis by inspecting whether their surnames end in “-ani”? Lol

Let me tell you why this opinion!

The route of this, is the Sanskrit word ‘Ansh‘ which means- ‘descended from‘. Ansh colloquially became -ani therefore we have our names — but not all Sindhi surnames end in -ani.

Surnames identify the family groups. Each family was allowed a Nukh (meant to be one’s caste name) and hence that is how the surnames were derived. This refers to a broad family tree.
Take for example if the head of the family was Ramchand, the family would use the surname Ramchandani.

I hope now you have the answer for your most favourite question!! HAHAHHAH

~ Our Occupation
Oh yes and we are amazing business people.
Even though Sindhis entered the country empty handed, (as we discussed in the last blog) with endurance and hardwork most re-established themselves in trades and other businesses; The Rahejas, the Hindujas, the Hiranandanis to name a few.

Originally Sindhi Language is in the Arabic script but now also in the Devanagri script.
This is my collection of books- some poems, some stories. (in both scripts)

~ Our Language
Well we speak Sindhi.
And those who know me, definitely know how much I love it. This is the one thing that keeps me closest to my culture.
The joy is to be able speak in Sindhi at most places when not a lot of people understand it. (It is like a secret, code language, haha)

Even though it is the official language of the Pakistani province of Sindh, Sindhi is one of the scheduled languages officially recognised by the Central Government in 1967.

~ Our Music
I assume most of you have heard, Dama Dam Mast Kalandar, the song sung by Mika and Honey Singh! It is actually a Hindi remake.
Dama Dam Mast Qalandar is originally a spiritual song written in the honour of the most revered Sufi saint of Sindh, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar.
The original poem was initially written by the 13th-century Sufi poet Amir Khusrow.
To top it all, Sindh is also called the land of the Sufis.

Sufi Literature is the essence of Sindh, and hence we share a similar taste in dance 💃🏻 , music 🎶 and poetry.

~ Our food

And finally the food.
Our cuisine is filled with mouth watering dishes: Sindhi curry, Aloo Tuk, Dal Pakwaan- to name the famous few. (come over, I am sure you have never had something like that before😋)

Infact we have our own version of Macroni. 😚
It is said that a few Sindhis visited Italy and got some macaroni pasta back home and the ladies created a
Sindhi-nised version of it using tomatoes!

Well and yes Sindhis are very particular about their papad, it needs to be the right kind. We sure love having papad with all our meals.
AND we have amazing flat breads mixing jaggery, flour, and oil; for dessert – Miththo Lolo!
(in the image down below)

Well that was about it! ❤
Happy and guilt-free eating to all! 🙂


1 | My Kitchen Blunders

My first post on cooking and it has to be about my Funny Kitchen Blunders👩‍🍳;

So instead of telling you what I am good at, let us first deal with the reality, i.e. the mistakes, because they are a part of the process.

Sliced a loaf of bread for the first time! All pieces were of different shapes and sizes. (some not even worthy of calling a slice!🤪)

Before beginning, A DISCLAIMER;
I usually cook in emergency situations, i.e., when Mammi is not home.

So now you know that all these stunts were performed when there was no expert supervision! Haha

Let me start with my favourite:

The Pav Bhaji Fiasco🥘

One fine evening, I am assigned the task of cooking Pav Bhaji for dinner (for the first time EVER).
The cooking instructions were given over the phone and in my excitement, I very smartly made notes––in my brain. (probably not my brightest move🤭)

First of all, the chopped vegetables were supposed to be boiled.

So this is what I do,
I put the veggies in a cooker, add enough water for them to swim and put the heat on.

A whistle later, when I open the cooker my bhaji lay in ruins!!🤐
It seemed absolutely the opposite of what it was supposed to be!
Came out looking more like boiled yellow dal. 🥺🤒

FYI: veggies are already rich in water content.
so, DO NOT ADD WATER🚱 (at least not as much as I put in).

Are you listening? Whoever you are!

Check out this before and after!
The left one was my first ever pancake attempt, and then you see what I am capable of making now!

Next in line:

Boiled Rice Disaster🍚

Can someone go wrong with this too?
Well, I proudly say YES.

This time, in total masterchef mode, I was putting together a bunch of different snacks for my folks.
Along with, I had soaked rice in water and 20 minutes later, put them on the flame.

While I was busy frying some delicious fritters, the colour of the rice caught my attention and I wondered why they seemed brownish. 🤔
But ignoring this, I moved my concentration back to the task in hand.

A couple minutes later I realised my BEAUTIFUL mistake! 😐

Did you catch it?

“jaldi jaldi mei chawal dhona hi bhool gyi!!” 🤦🏻‍♀️

and almost immediately, God sends a Messiah (Mammi obviously); I ended up listening to a few words of wisdom while she took charge of my mess.

Since then I wash rice a little more than needed, you know, just to be doubly sure!🙃

This is the first cake I made!
Tasted delectable
But look at the Icing.
(Surely not the best)
The immediate next attempt!
I think I did improve on the Icing part this time!

While the lockdown was enlightening for each one of us in different ways, you know what I learned?👀
Being finicky comes with a price of its own!

In the summer of 2020 (the first lockdown) washing, cleaning and sanitising house supplies had become a norm.

Thanks to all this, a mishap occurred on a Thursday evening with 1 kg packet of Sugar.
For thorough cleaning, I had drowned it in a bucket full of water and left it in there for a minute.

To my horror, the sugar came out as CHASHNI 🤯😱

I advise you to not overuse your brain (like I did).
Packets even though sealed, have microholes in them (for the air to pass from, uninvitingly the water did too😳).

I know you are laughing and you can!😂

Pressure situations give invitation to most of my big and small cooking bloopers!

The bright side: Now I know the corrective actions for such situations.😎

I bet you all have done some unique blunders too!
Tell me in the comments below, so I know I am not the only one and give me a reason to laugh too.❤️

“Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun”

Julia Child

Happy Cooking ❤

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