Storytime with Dada- Partition 1947

A very happy Independence Day to all of you!🇮🇳
Today, it has been exactly 75 years we got freedom from the colonial rule of the British.

Well, what better day to take you through the days of the India- Pakistan Partition!😃☀️

In August of 1947 while the British Raj finally came to an end and gave rise to an Independent India, instead of TRIUMPH, our country faced what can only be described as one of the bloodiest disruption in human history. ☄️

It is the history of pain, separation, loss and despair. 

“We are independent now, they said, but what good is it when you have to leave everything behind!?” 

My grandfather (DADA) narrates to me his encounter of the India-Pakistan Partition, some of his memories still vivid and stark.📝

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