Scuba diving in Maldives🌊

As I write this, I am on my flight back home from the most picturesque destination of the season-Maldives.🇲🇻

I can’t help but use this extra time to recall the entire getaway.
While each trip is special in its own way, this one is indelible because of the crazy experiences I had.😍
I scuba dived for the first time, and as they say, firsts are always special.❤️

It was a Sunday morning, the Indian Ocean was dazzling and looked glistening blue🌊. The water wasn’t too aggressive and the sun shined at its brightest☀️.
It was 10 in the morning and we proceeded to the diving centre, filled up some forms and health declarations and it was finally time to roll.🔖

We got a quick briefing of all the equipments, the dos and dont’s.
Then, all geared up in our wet suits, crazy equipment- the hefty oxygen cylinder, the fins, the scuba mask, and the diving regulator- we proceeded towards the ocean.

The first couple of minutes into training, I got really skeptical if I would be able to pull it off, because learning to breathe was a bit of a task.
Nonetheless, 5-10 minutes into it and we were ready to face the water.
Slowly equalising the pressure (as we went down each metre in the depths of water), maintaining a flow of breathing, we reached nearly 12 meters under the Indian Ocean.
It was a different world, moving and existing- totally magical.✨

You only need a couple minutes to adjust to this new world. It is very welcoming!

The amazing colours that we get to see are simply MIND BLOWING- The corals, the fishes, the plants – giant and tiny.🐠🏖🐡🐙🦑🦀🐋🐚

The crystal clear water added to the view, visibility and the experience. The entire time underwater, you hear your breath loud and clear, and truly feel each moment pass.

It is overwhelming to see other creatures, living their life, doing their thing; life is so much beyond our own selves.

But the most treasured part of this experience for me was coming back up on the surface of the water after that exhilarating hour, breathing from the nose normally again, flipping on my back and just floating, staring at the sun and taking it all in. You could almost hear the silence, feel peace, calmness, gratitude, all in that moment; it is the greatest feeling ever.🥺

And once I was out of the water, I was charged and how, so excited and happy to have felt something so tranquil and unreal!

Looking forward to bigger and greater dives in the future and hoping to see SHARKS the next time.😃


Also, A happy Gandhi Jayanti to all!


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